I know I say this most Monday’s but this last weekend really flew by and I was a little shocked to hear the alarm go off at 6.30 this morning. As quickly as it may have gone, I had such a lovely weekend, full of friends, family and fun activities.

The weekend kicked off on Friday with classic fish and chips supper from Poppie’s pop up in the Stables in Camden. It was actually a bit of a naughty pre-dinner as we were heading out for dinner and bowling later on but I just couldn’t wait till 9pm for dinner as I was so hungry after a busy day. Poppie’s is my favourite fish and shops shop; they know how to do the classic well, the fish is always perfect and the chips are amazing and never oily.

So as mentioned, Friday night was bowling night at All Star Lanes. I haven’t been bowling for about 2 years due to all the problems with my hands and then of course recovering from surgery so I was super excited and it was such a fun night. There was a big group of us so it was a night of fun, laughter and some friendly rivalry. Sadly I didn’t win but I didn’t do too badly either despite everyone teasing me for needing velcro shoes due to my kiddie sized feet. There’s already talk of a rematch and I can’t wait!

Saturday everyone was pretty tired so it was a chilled out day of eating ice cream in the park which was just what we needed.

There was lots of blog planning of course and holiday planning too for our trip to Sorrento for my birthday next month. We booked our flights on Saturday morning and now just have to decide where we’re staying. I am so excited, I’ve never been to the Amalfi Coast before and can’t wait to explore and eat lots of amazing Italian food!!!

Sunday morning we were up early for a little family breakfast before we headed off to Colchester Zoo. I think we all just expected a little zoo where we’d cover all the things to see by the end of the morning and then we’d head off for lunch in Colchester town, but turns out we were wrong. The zoo was incredible, far beyond what we were expecting. For one it’s the biggest zoo I’ve been to, you could easily spend the whole day there as there is just so much to see and do. A real highlight for me was getting to see Flamingos and the cutest little Red Panda.

Sunday evening was spent doing many of the things I love. I pottered around the garden checking how everything is doing and harvesting lovely fruit and vegetables for the week ahead. Tonight I’ll be making ‘Courgetti’ with some yellow and green courgettes from the garden. I then rustled up one of our favourite summer dishes; this feta and potato salad before settling down to catch up with things on the blog. A lovely Sunday night.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends and are making the most of Summer.



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