The Met Police’s Christmas Tree Project 2016

This is the first Christmas post from me and I know some of you may think it’s way too early, but it’s for a really good cause I promise! So if you live in London or will be visiting London over the coming weeks, read on to find out how you can channel your inner Elf and spread some Christmas cheer and kindness to a child in need.

The Met Police are running their Christmas Tree Project again this year. The Christmas Tree Project distributes presents to children across London who, for whatever reason, are unlikely to receive a present this year. In 2015 the Met Police received over 11,000 presents and over £9,000 kindly donated by the public helping to provide presents to children who may not otherwise have received anything and this year with your help let’s see if we can do even better.

If you’d like to be involved, just go on the website here, select a London borough and you will be provided with an age and gender of a child to buy for. Once you’ve purchased your gift, take it to a London Police Station and they will  make sure it gets to the child. If you don’t want to buy a present or don’t live in London but still would like to contribute, there is also a Justgiving page which you can access from the link above.

Go on, let’s all indulge our inner Elf by spreading a little kindness to bring a smile to a child this Christmas! 



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