Although starting off pretty determined, my fitness goals came to a bit of a screeching halt in September sadly. Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling quite poorly with labriynthitis & anaemia which left me feeling really dizzy and nauseous all the time. Not fun and not something that’s gym friendly either. Thankfully though things are getting better, albeit maybe not as I quickly as I’d like but everything is improving and so it’s time to think about my fitness goals for October.

In October my goal is to go back to the simple basics. This month I really want to focus on eating well to get my iron levels back up and making sure that the food I’m eating is fuelling me rather than  just a quick fix. Fitness wise I’m desperate to get back into running and yoga both of which I haven’t been able to do while so dizzy. I think the key for me is to make a start (like the crop top says) and   to keep building on it. Before I’ve tried to go from zero to 10K and it was tough so for now I’m concentrating on running a mile and then building up to 5K in 30 minutes, exciting stuff I know!

As you can tell I’ve given my sportswear and accessories a little update to get me motivated. I got some Sweaty Betty vouchers for my birthday recently and when I popped in store to have a look around this All Sport Backpack caught my eye. Admittedly I’ve mostly been using it to carry my work laptop so far, but I love how durable it is, there are clever pockets to keep everything secure and it’s made from scuba material so everything stays nice and dry inside. It also has straps at the bottom so you can attach your yoga mat too. The ‘Good Vibes’ badge is from and is a great little  reminder to be positive.

H&M’s sportswear game is pretty strong right now with a huge range of affordable sportswear to chose from. H&M’s technical & high-fashion ‘For Every Victory’ collection is all about celebrating the power of personal victories (perfect for me achieving my 1 mile of running goal) and the collection is in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team. For me, like many the Olympics and Paralympics were a huge source of inspiration reminding us the amazing things we can achieve if we believe it, work hard and keep going!!  Everyone has to start somewhere and keep at it and I’m starting now!



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