Review:The Braid Bar

Just before I headed off to New York, I was in Selfridges, in London, where I stumbled across the #selfridgesxworkit events which were a lot of fun. I had a makeover at the Tom Ford counter which was amazing, I really wanted to blow my holiday money there and then and buy everything (I didn’t by the way), but because I’d had a makeover I was rewarded with a free lunch from Eat! Yay! Just as exciting, was the discovery of The Braid Bar. This is why I love Selfridges, so many fun things under one roof, they even have a cinema!

I was very excited to discover The Braid Bar as I was flying to New York the next morning and was just thinking if only I was good at plaiting my hair, a halo braid would be perfect for keeping my hair neat and out of the way on the flight. 

A lovely girl at The Braid Bar set to work on my hair, using Bumble & Bumble products to add some lift and volume especially at the top. She used the Dry Spun spray which I’m a big fan of & it gave me more ideas on how to use the spray. My hair didn’t have enough length for my original idea of a continuous halo braid but the finished alternative were two lovely French braids pinned together perfectly at the back. I was amazed, as I didn’t think I could achieve a look like this with my hair & it was perfect for my flight to New York. Even after an 8 hour flight & me sleeping on the plane I got complimented on my hair! Very lovely indeed!

The Braid Bar have an array of different plait & braid designs up their sleeve which are really worth checking out.

What are your favourite braid and plait designs?



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