The £1 All Rounder Bronzer Powder

Money is tight for most of us in January & I’m definitely not an exception to that, so I’ve been trying hard to be good & cut back on my beauty spending especially. So you can imagine just how excited I was to discover this amazing bronzer for just £1!

This bronzer has become a staple in my make bag over the last few weeks. The shade; Shimmer Light 3 is actually lighter than it looks in the photos and it’s a gorgeous shimmery terrocotta. I mostly use this as an all over face powder as it works perfectly with my skin tone to give a bit of warmth to my complexion but doesn’t make me look like an original Umpa Lumpa which is very important. I also sometimes layer it up on the cheek bone area to sculpt or use it higher on the cheek as a highlighter. The bronzer does contain shimmer & I was concerned it would deposit large glittery particles on my face which is an instant fail in my book, but I needn’t have worried as the shimmer is very subtle. So it really is a perfect all rounder & only cost £1!

So you may be wondering where this amazing bronzer is from & the answer is it’s part of the new Make-up Gallery beauty range from Poundland. I’m a big fan of Pound shops, they’re my go to stop for cleaning products and sometimes there are good finds to be had like OPI nail polishes. I’d heard last Autumn that Poundland would be launching their own beauty range and I discovered it in my local store the other week. The range is quite extensive and incorporates Face, Eyes, Lips and Nails. The Face range is especially good as it includes foundation  in 8 shades from nude to mocha to cater to a range of skin tones as well as powder, blush, bronzer and concealer. 

The bronzer is the only item I have tried so far from the range as the make up was unsurprisingly mostly sold out. I’d like to try out the blush and eye shadows so I’ll have to keep a look out the next time I’m in the store. I know it shouldn’t really matter but I have to say I quite like the packaging. I like the design and it’s a lot more sturdy and polished than I was expecting for the price and to there isn’t anything which would make you think it’s only £1. I was so impressed with my value find, that I treated myself to some sherbet saucers with the spare change. Make-up, a bargain  and sherbet saucers…..doesn’t get better than that! 

I’m wearing the bronzer as an all over face powder here *Photo by Gerrod Charles

Have you tried the Make-Up Gallery beauty range from Poundland?

What are your favourite items?



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