Sushi and Sake Masterclass at Buddha Bar Knightsbridge

Recently I headed down to the Buddha Bar restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge for a Sushi and Sake Masterclass event. I love sushi & have always wanted to try out sushi making so I was very excited about the Masterclass.

We started the evening with a meet & greet in the restaurant bar, enjoying a refreshing cocktail while meeting other bloggers and then headed down to the sushi & sake class in a private downstairs room. We took our seats & listened intently to the Sake Masterclass led by their top sommelier Juan Belmonte. Juan explained how different types of rice are polished to varying degrees which is then used to make different types of Sake. It was interesting to hear that in Japan hot Sake isn’t as common as we all thought and in fact is often something reserved for the tourist market. We were provided with a delicious dish of sushi and Juan talked us through how the different Sakes would complement the maki selection. The sushi was exceptional, quite honestly some of the best sushi I’ve tasted! The fish was just so fresh and just melted in the mouth, I’m hungry just thinking about it.

After the Sake masterclass and the sushi eating, it was time to get involved in the actual sushi making in the sushi masterclass session led by Buddha-Bar’s Head Sushi Chef Rey Sabinosa. Rey developed his passion for sushi when working in South East Asia and has had an impressive career over the last twelve years in some of London’s top fine dining Japanese restaurants. 

Chef Rey made the evening really fun, he was very entertaining and kept making us laugh whilst we learnt sushi skills. We were all very impressed with his sushi making and knife skills and it was great that he came round the room and guided us when it was our turn to do the sushi making. 

Buddha bar house sushi roll

I had a lot of fun learning to make the Salmon and Tuna Avocado and Salmon nigiri and I was really pleased with how it all turned out, not too bad for my first go. We weren’t allowed to cut our sushi, as for safety reasons that was the job of Chef Rey but I loved how our finished efforts were presented to us and that were able to take the sushi home with us.

After the sushi making we were led back to the bar for a cocktail masterclasses and learnt how to mix impressive looking Gin or Brandy based cocktails. It was interesting to learn about the history and origins of certain alcohols and my friends and fellow bloggers said the cocktails tasted amazing! 


I had a great evening at Buddah-Bar. I’m such a food lover and love anything food and cooking related so it was an ideal evening for me. I had a fun evening with friends and really enjoyed meeting other bloggers, I learnt so much and got to take home delicious sushi which I had made myself, amazing!

If you’re interested in the Master Classes at Buddah Bar, you can find out more here.



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