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In retrospect I maybe should have spent yesterday lounging around in my pjs, watching Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox while I nursed my food baby, but instead I piled into the car with my family and headed down to Lakeside for a spot of Boxing Day sale shopping. I’m not going to lie, it was manic and when it all got a bit too busy we retreated home; I think I’ll do the rest of my sale shopping online. For those of you braving those busy high streets and shopping centres, I thought I’d share my top sales tips to hopefully make the sales a little less stressful and more about bagging your perfect bargain. 

1.  Have in mind what you’re really after or need. Are there any clear gaps in your wardrobe? Then do   

     your research online to find the best discount and ensure it’s not a wasted journey. 

2. Wear comfy clothes and shoe which are easy to change in and out of if you’ll be trying things on. 

3. A cross body bag or a compact back pack are ideal as your hands are then free for rifling through

    the sales racks. 

4. Have a budget in mind and try and keep to it. There’s still a good number of weeks till payday day   

   & there will be further discounts over the coming weeks so sometimes waiting pays off. 

5. Don’t let the discount amount be the deciding factor. It’s easy to get carried away by the amount 

    you’d be saving but ask yourself will you honestly wear it? 

6. Only buy things that you love and feel good and comfortable in. If you don’t love it in the shop, 

    then chances are it’ll end up in the back of the wardrobe when you get home. 

7. No matter how big the discount, buying sale clothes and shoes which are too small is a false 

    economy. If however you really love something & it’s a little big, you may be able to get it taken in    

    or up so worth bearing that in mind. 

8. Sales are the perfect time to stock up on wardrobe staples such as good quality tees, white shirts & 


9. It’s worth keeping an eye out for savings on classics and luxury items such as cashmere which are   

    quite expensive the rest of the year. 

10. Those of you on a mission to declutter but still wanting to peruse the sales (me!) then instead of 

      buying lots of things which are super reduced, maybe opt for one great investment piece in the 

      sale such as a great coat or a designer handbag which really compliments your style & look.

So those are my top tips, which I hope are helpful. Good luck with your sale shopping!



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