Review: The White Company Fresh Fig Diffuser

I’d be the first to admit that I’m a girl with a fair few weaknesses: make-up, food, flowers (as you may know if you’re a regular reader or if you follow my Instagram account) and of course candles and all things home fragrance related are a huge weakness. I can’t help it, I just love how homely and welcoming my home can be with a well placed, good quality home fragrance and right now I can’t get enough of the The White Company’s Fresh Fig Diffuser!

I bought this for my best friend Sofia as part of her Christmas present, after she mentioned that she’d seen it recommended by Vivianna. Then a few weeks ago I went to stay with my best friend for a few days and as soon as I stepped through her front door I was hit by the most gorgeous scent, a Coconut, Pineapple, citrus and Fig scent and it was all coming from the diffuser I’d gifted Sofia, which now resided in her front room.

I’d gone to stay with Sofia as I recovered from surgery on my hand. At the time I wasn’t sleeping very well due to the pain and anxiety about my hand but I found myself really beginning to relax quickly at Sofia’s and a part of that was due to the Fresh Fig diffuser. The scent was so fresh and comforting and really helped me unwind resulting in two of the best night’s of sleep I’ve had this year!

When I returned home, I  headed to my nearest White Company store to grab a Fresh Fig diffuser of my own and imagine how excited I was when I found it in stock with 20% off! I placed the diffuser in my bedroom for a while and I felt so comforted by the beautiful scent as I was falling asleep and it’s such a fresh fragrance to wake up to. If I feel I’m not noticing the scent as much anymore, I’ll move the diffuser into different rooms and note how wonderfully fragranced the whole house is!

The White Company describe it as an ‘evocative scent….like sitting beneath a sun-warmed fig tree in Provence. Notes of fresh fig, succulent cassis, citrus and tomato-leaf give way to bracing vetivert and a touch of sweet lilac to create this year-round welcoming and elegant scent.’

The 20% off promotion is still running, so if you’d love to grab one for your own then hot foot it to The White Company!



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