Review: Veggie Burger at Honest Burgers

As a mushroom hating veggie, I have to say I often struggle with burger restaurants as the main vegetarian choice is either a generic bean burger or a Portobello Mushroom burger, both of which are very uninspiring and boring, so the choice for me is very limited indeed. However, not that long ago at the ‘Eat Yourself Young’ workshop I met Ji from Pacman Chomps and we started to talk about one of his favourite subjects…good burger joints in London. When I told him about the lack of burger choice I have experienced, he recommended I give Honest Burgers a go as they do a really amazing veggie burger. So in the name of research I headed to the Soho branch with a friend, to give it a go and I am in total agreement with Ji!

Honest Burgers is a chain of burger restaurants inspired by great British produce, with a number of branches around London. The restaurants can get really busy, with sometimes long waiting times, but we were told to put our name down and they’d call us within the hour. We had a little wander around Soho and within 45 minutes I got a call to say we had a table…yay!

Honest Burgers have quite a simple straightforward menu which I like. There are chicken, beef burgers and one veggie option with additional daily specials. All burgers are served with a toasted glazed bun with house chips and Rosemary salt. The veggie option is a delicious fritter made from cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots and spices with coriander and cucumber yoghurt and at £6.50, really great value. My friend dived into his burger (he had one of the specials) & informed me that his burger was one of the best he’s had. The chips were amazing too, really good proper chips and we washed the whole lot down with a couple of Ginger Beers in jam jar mugs. I’ve already recommended Honest Burgers to my friends especially the veggie ones and I’m looking forward to my next visit already!

Have you tried Honest Burgers?

Do you know any restaurants that do great veggie food?



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  1. Katie G
    January 16, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    I am a mushroom hating veggie also!!! & have exactly the same issue when going for a burger (it means I've never tried Byron etc etc) but this on the other hand looks fab…I may try one next time I'm in London 🙂 x

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