Review: Lush Tisty Tosty Rose Bath Bomb

Lush’s Tisty Tosty bath bomb is said to be based on a medieval love potion, so what better pampering treat with Valentine’s day just around the corner. 

Having fallen in love with Lush again through their Christmas collections mentioned here and here, I was keen to try out more of their bath bombs. Tisty Tosty looked so beautiful and I thought it would really go well with my Moroccan Rose scented candles for luxurious bath time treat. Studded with seven real rosebuds, this bath bomb is scented with a beautiful combination of floral orris root powder, rose, and lemon. As the bath bomb dissolves in the bath, a lovely scent of geranium, jasmine and rose fill the bathroom with a gentle and soothing fragrance. Tisty Tosty is such a decadent bath bomb as it feels lovely to lie back in a bath of rose buds and petals, all very luxurious.

Lush claim that this bath bomb is also good for those of us nursing a broken heart as Rose oil was used by aromatherapists to lift the spirits.

Whether you’re broken hearted, madly in love or in some happy in between, it’s always lovely to have a pamper and Tisty Tosty is just the trick!

What’s your favourite Lush Bath Bomb?



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