Review: Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne


I’m a huge Jo Malone fan and my collection is growing by the day! I’ll be talking about the rest of my collection soon, but today is all about Jo Malone’s latest release; the Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne. 

This perfume is going to be officially unveiled by Jo Malone today, but there have been sneak previews on Instagram and Twitter for a while now. My gorgeous friend Kate is a huge Jo Malone fan, together we’re Jo Malone enablers and when she gave me a spritz of her Mimosa and Cardamom sample, I was hooked! I was really lucky to get my hands on a bottle a few days ago thanks to the lovely sales assistant at my nearest Jo Malone store. 

Jo Malone states ‘Mimosa & Cardamom celebrates the British bohemian and their love of adventure…..Mimosa & Cardamom captures the bohemian spirit. Modern and mesmerising, evocative and sensual.The cologne has a top note of cardamom, a heart note of mimosa with the base note being Tonka bean. The fragrance is light and Summery, not too sweet and I find has really great staying power. 

Mimosa (the flower, not the cocktail) and Cardamom are two of my favourite things. Mimosa just smells like Summer to me. The pretty little yellow flowers always cheer and brighten up a room and and when I don’t have any fresh Mimosa, you’ll find me lighting my Diptyque Mimosa candle. Cardamom and its fragrance is very sentimental to me as it’s attached to so many happy memories. The smell of Cardamom reminds me of my childhood, of watching my Mum breaking into the little pods to release the scent and using them in our cooking with the smell of Cardamom filling the kitchen and memories of Cardamom in our favourite sweet Vermicelli dish that only Mum can cook just right. The scent also reminds me of my time in Nepal, of the moments spent drinking Cardamon and spice Chai tea with the Himalayas in the background, all such magical times. All these memories make the Mimosa and Cardamom cologne really special to me and my favourite Jo Malone fragrance to date. It’s up there with Blackberry and Bay for me, which I also can’t get enough of. Blackberry and Bay is also said to layer perfectly with Mimosa and Cardamom.

Jo Malone will be running in store events to launch the cologne such as hand and arm massages so don’t miss out. 

Are you a Jo Malone fan?

What’s your favourite fragrance? 



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