Review: Calypso Once a Day Sun Lotion

I’m feeling really positive and happy today, I think it must be all the Vitamin D I’m getting! The sun is shining and more than that, it actually feels like Summer here. The weather this weekend in London has been gloriously sunny and warm; I’ve enjoyed breakfast on the sunny patio and venturing out without having to worry about a jacket, both usually quite rare events. 

You might have guessed that I love being in the sun, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin is one of nature’s best cheerer uppers, but it’s also really important to me to enjoy the sun in a safe and healthy way (my friends and family will tell you I’m always making sure they’ve got sun protection). I often receive comments from people saying ‘you’re Asian, you don’t have to worry about sun protection’, but that’s a common misconception. Yes my skin has a tendency to tan quickly and I don’t burn that easily but that doesn’t mean my skin isn’t at risk of sun damage. 

For my holiday in Portugal I knew I’d be out and about in the sun a lot and getting involved in water activities so I really wanted a sun lotion that would keep me protected through the day, which I didn’t have to worry about reapplying every hour. I’d picked up Calypso Once a Day Sun Lotion after a lovely travel and beauty blogger recommended it at the Blogosphere Lush Beauty School event (in fact the very girl next to me in the photo). We all eagerly listened as she told us about the Calypso once a day sun protection cream she’d picked up in Aldi, of all places. She’d used it on her travels around the world and thought it just as good as the leading competitor but at a fraction of the price and there was no sun burn in sight! 

I used this everyday while on holiday and I’m really impressed; I have a nice healthy tan and no sun burn. It was the first time I’ve tried a once a day cream and I think I’m converted. The lotion is a water resistant gel formula which provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. The gel does smell slightly medicinal on application and not like the usual coconut baby lotion scent of most sun protection creams, however this disappears pretty quickly. If you’ve not used it before, it’s important to follow the application instructions initially to ensure you’re getting the best sun protection, but it’s not complicated. I’d apply it after I’d showered and moisturised (don’t apply to wet skin) and let it sink in for a few moments before I got dressed. It takes about 15 minutes before it’s ready to protect fully and then you’re good to go. I only had to reapply it if I’d been in the water a lot or showered again post beach hopping.  

Calypso sun protection comes in factors 10, 20 and 30. SPF 20 is about right for my skin, so factor 30 should be ok for fairer skin, but of course do what’s best for your skin.

Have you tried Calypso Once a Day Sun Lotion? What did you think?



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