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These Winter months, especially January are always the toughest months of the year for me. Like many I really find the dark, cold and rainy mornings difficult and it’s always a struggle to get out of bed. I’m really not a morning person through Winter so the ‘Wake up Happy’ article in the January/February issue of Om Yoga magazine, definitely caught my attention and came at just the right time for me. 


The ‘Wake up Happy’ feature covers areas such as mindfulness, self-awareness, change, communication, goals and family in bite size paragraphs which gives tips and thought provoking points to really help you focus. I liked that the article gives you achievable pointers which makes you view an issue with an alternative perspective and really helps you think positively about the aims of your day and what you want to achieve. For me the key focus of the piece is mindfulness and this is something I have been trying to incorporate more and more of in my life over the last few years.

I found the article challenged my thinking and shifted me towards focusing on mindfulness in relation to the goals I want to achieve. In January so many of us set goals and resolutions for ourselves and there are a few goals I’m really determined to achieve this year, but I know for me my motivation can sometimes suffer when I don’t feel I’m reaching my goals quickly enough and it can feel all to easy to give up. However one of the really thought provoking points for me in the article was just that reminder that challenges and struggles are all part of the goal and sometimes the biggest reward is your drive to overcome the challenge. I’ve really taken that message home, especially this last week where I’ve encountered a few unexpected set backs and it really has helped me deal with the situation better and I feel more focused on my goals than ever. I’ve noticed slowly that the anxious feeling I can sometimes feel first thing in the morning when the day ahead can feel a little overwhelming, is beginning to subside as I focus on these points and view the day as a chance to feel positive and move a little closer to my goals.

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