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April’s edition of OM Yoga celebrated the 50th edition of the magazine & there were so many interesting & motivating features packed into this edition it was tough to chose just one piece which caught my interest. I’m very much a yoga beginner so I’m really keen to develop & enhance my yoga practice & have been trying to incorporate more practice into my time at home.

You may have seen that a little while ago I signed up to Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga. It has definitely been challenging for me but I do enjoy that. All was going well until I got ill & developed sinusitis & I had to stop. I’ve decided to start the 30 days of yoga from the beginning again and I really wanted something that would ease me in & enable me to focus on improving my technique & that’s where the Om Yoga ‘Yoga At Home’ feature videos have been so helpful.

In the videos, Claire from Just Love Yoga takes you through different poses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. I of course started off with the beginner’s pose Ustrasana, which is a heart opening pose and is good for stretching the thighs, chest and neck as well as strengthening the back (although this pose is not suitable for those with neck, back or knee injuries as well as during pregnancy). I like to practice this in the morning as it provides a really great stretch & leaves me feeling very awake & alert. I’ve slowly progressed towards the intermediate pose Laghu Vajrasana. This is quite challenging for me but I’m enjoying the practice so I’m not in any rush to move to the more advanced step of Kapotasana. 

I’ve really enjoyed these ‘Yoga At Home’ tutorials as they provide the perfect little bite size moments of yoga practice, making it so much easier for me to include a little bit of yoga practice in my day to day routine & I can already notice subtle differences in my technique & ability. I’m looking forward to trying out the ‘Yoga At Home’ tutorial in the May edition of Om Yoga. 


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