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The September edition of Om Yoga magazine is jam packed with so many great articles. With features such as the A-Z of mediation and the art of eating well with delicious recipes, it wasn’t so easy for me to pick a favourite piece at first, but then I saw something which really jumped off the page and has been really important to me these last weeks.


Now I know people have mixed feelings about affirmations. Some can think it’s a bit ‘new age’ and ‘hippyish’. I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me with everything that’s going on at the moment especially when things can feel a bit overwhelming, this affirmation has brought me a lot of calm and comfort. 

Recently I mentioned that I suffer from anxiety which has been quite bad of late and I think that’s one of the key reasons this affirmation has been so important to me. A number of friends have recommended taking a few minutes in the day to have some time out or meditate to calm my mind and I’ve been giving it a go by combining some breathing exercises with this affirmation. Although it’s something that needs to be practiced for a few minutes a day rather than a quick instant fix, I have really felt the effects and benefits. I think the reminder that ‘without our challenges we would never know our strength…..that you are not defined by your past, you are not defined by anything that has happened to you, that is happening to you right now so never let yourself be‘ has been very important. The more I practice this affirmation, the more empowering these words become and it’s turned into an significant step in dealing with my anxiety. 

I’d love to hear your tips for dealing with anxiety.


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