I know it’s been a while…..

Wow, it’s already the 1st of June……it really has been a while, hasn’t it?! Although I haven’t been totally absent as I’ve been keeping in touch with the blogosphere through Twitter and Instagram, I have really missed blogging and the excitement and happiness of having new content go up on the blog; blogging is something that I really love doing!

Nothing drastic has happened in the last few months really, just life kinda got in the way. I had to take a break from blogging as my hand has been healing super slowly since my surgery at the end of January. I went back to work full time in February and since then work has been incredibly busy and quite demanding with a fair bit of travel around the UK involved and then catching up with everything back in the office. So by the end of those long days I’d sit down to work on my blog but my hands would just be too sore and stiff. Around that time, I also became unwell for a while from being so run down from not being able to sleep or eat properly. I’ve had a lot of hospital appointments lately for both my hands and my diabetes but good news as progress is slowly being made on both.

All of this has really got me thinking that it’s time for a few changes to get the balance in my life back on track. To start with and the most important really is sorting out the basics: making sure I’m looking after myself, sleeping well, eating well and keeping a close eye on my diabetes, all of which sometimes isn’t the easiest of things when my anxiety rears its head, but it’s so important that we don’t neglect ourselves and make sure to look after our body and mind. One of the positive changes I’ve made to contribute to this is starting ‘Project Declutter‘. There’ll be more about it on the blog over the next few weeks, but it’s all been motivated by having a positive mindset and making the space around me healthier and calming. 

Reflecting on the first half of this year has really drawn home to me the importance of doing more of the things you love, whether it be spending time with friends and family, going to the gym or for a run or yoga class, taking time to go through your favourite cookbooks and cook or bake up a storm to share with your loved ones, treating yourself to a bunch of your favourite flowers, learning a new craft or skill, to travelling or making new discoveries in your hometown and of course for me blogging…….so here I am!

I really hope June will be a positive month for us all. Let’s do this!!



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