Getting Back Into Yoga with Barbara Currie*

Trying to incorporate more yoga practice into my life is always on top of my to do list, but sometimes life takes over and the good intentions fall by the way side. That was very much the case at the end of last year and into the beginning of 2016 as I tried my best to manage work and life while dealing with anxiety and health problems. Then just when I needed it the most an invite to attend a yoga session at the famous Pineapple Studios with Barbara Currie (the ‘Godmother of Yoga’) landed in my inbox and I didn’t hesitate to accept.

Whenever life gets stressful I seem to carry all my tension in my back and shoulders which can be very painful, so I was really happy to take part in Barbara’s yoga session. I’m not a naturally flexible or bendy person and I’ve never been able to touch my toes. However I know from experience that regular yoga practice makes a huge difference and Barbara really inspired me to resume and maintain my yoga practice. Barbara is in her 70’s but you wouldn’t be able to tell as she’s so full of energy, not to mention super toned and flexible from over 40 years of yoga practice! Barbara’s aim has always been to help as many people as possible gain the the amazing benefits that yoga can provide. After the birth of Barbara’s second child and while living in Scotland, Barbara joined her first yoga class and went on to train as a yoga teacher. Barbara now has her own Yoga school in Surrey: The Barbara Currie School of Yoga Ltd where she runs daily Yoga classes.

In our session Barbara guided us through breathing exercises to relax us and simple stretches to warm and loosen up our muscles. She then took us through the sun salutation, the cat pose and twists which stretched out the back. Throughout the session Barbara reminded us not to push ourselves too hard or strain a pose so there was no pressure to do more than our individual ability would allow. Having not practiced Yoga consistently for  a while, I’d forgotten how great it can make you feel. By the end of session with Barbara I felt amazing, the tension in my back and shoulders had eased leaving me feeling lighter, I felt calm and relaxed, any anxiety I’d been feeling had subsided and I went home and slept soundly.

As part of the yoga session we were gifted with Barbara’s Power Yoga DVD and a mug illustrating each step of the sun salutation. Both have become invaluable as I’ve resumed my yoga practice at home, now that my hand is slowly on the mend post surgery. 

As my hand recovers I’m slowly building my way up to doing the sun salutation first thing each morning. It’s 10 minutes of yoga practice which provides me with a perfect stretch for first thing and I find it really helps me approach each day with a calm and positive attitude.

Over the coming months I’ll be travelling around the UK quite a bit with work so I’ll be maintaining my yoga practice away from home through Barbara’s YouTube channel. I’m hoping to work my way back up to making yoga a part of my daily routine.


*Post in collaboration with Barbara Currie, but as always all opinions are my own.


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