Review: Geo-Fleur – Terrarium Workshop

I first heard of Geo-Fleur on Stylonylon’s Sunday Edit post, which prompted me to visit Chatsworth Road Market on a very rainy Sunday in August in search of some lovely succulents and a terrarium and I wasn’t disappointed. 

I met the very lovely Sophie there, who’s one half of Geo-Fleur and as I was buying my terrarium she mentioned she also runs terrarium workshops in Shoreditch and at the West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road. The workshops are only £20 with all materials included (soil, Succulents, Cacti, gravel etc) you just need to bring your own terrarium container.

I signed up and recently headed along to the West Elm store. There was quite a group of us, all eager to make our very own terrariums. Sophie was great, she told us about the Victorian history of terrariums and talked us through how to create one while doing a demo. You can see from the photo below I’m busy concentrating on all she had to say!

I’ve got my serious concentrating face on!*

Soon it was time for us to put our new knowledge & creativity into action, which was so much fun, even if we all at some point shouted out oww when the prickly Cacti got us!

Terrariums of all shapes and sizes*

It was great to see everyone’s creative creations taking shape! I’m really pleased with how mine turned out, so I was a little sad when the class came to an end, I could have happily spent ages making lots of terrariums. I think they’d make great gifts especially with Christmas coming up. 

We all got together at the end for a group shot and a chance to showcase our lovely terrariums.

…..and it’s a wrap*

It was such a lovely class, with a great bunch of people, I really enjoyed it! It was lovely to work with Sophie and I got to meet the super talented Arati Devasher, whose handmade silk scarves I’ve completely fallen in love with! I’ve even commissioned my very own Flamingo print one which I’m very excited about, so make sure to check her out!


*Photos courtesy of Geo-Fleur

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