Finished products #1

I’m on a major drive to declutter and use up the many products that I have so I’m kinda excited about my first empties post…….progress is being made!!


Bioderma micelle solution for combination skin. I know there is a lot of beauty hype for the Bioderma range, but having tried the cleansing solution for oily to combination skin, I have to say I’m a total convert. It doesn’t overly dry my skin and neither is it left feeling oily in any way. I can even use it to remove eye makeup and I have very sensitive eyes. It is a shame that it’s not stocked in stores in the UK*, so I made sure to stock up when I was in Paris last week.

L’Occitane  Huile de douche d’amande. I love this shower gel, it’s amazing! The only drawback for me is that it is pretty expensive for showergel as the 250ml bottle is £16, but if you get the 500ml size one, it’s much better value & then you are able to refill it with a purchase of the eco pack which is both more environmentally friendly & economical. The shower gel is oil like until it comes into contact with water, at which point it lathers up. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft, I have really noticed a difference. It’s also perfect as a shaving gel too & my legs are always left feeling super smooth & moisturised.

Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter. This is one of my staple everyday products. It is a really good moisturiser especially during Winter. It doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy, smells lovely and is really great value. I sometimes stock up on these when there is a 2 for £3.99 offer.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris. Many people are divided when it comes to using toner as some think of it as an extra unnecessary step in the cleansing routine. I’m however definitely for toner, but only this specific one as it doesn’t contain alcohol so doesn’t dry out my skin. It has a lovely refreshing scent and it’s great at removing the last traces of dirt and makeup from the face.

Laura Mercier almond coconut milk soufflé body creme and almond coconut milk body bath. I got these as part of a trio gift set which also includes a body scrub. I absolutely love these, they smell so yummy and the body bath soufflé especially is very luxurious….I’m actually quite sad that they have finished.

Clinique all about the eyes. I got this eye cream a while ago with a copy of Glamour magazine and I have to say I really quite liked using it. I know a lot of people are divided on whether eye creams are necessary but my undereyes can get really dry and I find that it helps my concealer last better under my eyes if I use this eye cream. I would consider purchasing this again but I already have got another one in a recent Clinique promotion.

Bourjois night lip balm. I think I saw this originally recommended by someone on YouTube and I had to track it down on eBay. I do like to put this on before bed and I do find it moisturises well but I’m not sure if I’d be in a rush to re-purchase this one.

* I read recently in Sali Hughes make up column in the Guardian that Bioderma will be hitting selected UK stores in May.


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