#ComeDanceWithThree: A fun evening of Flamenco and Tapas with Three Mobile Feel at Home*

I love trying new things and meeting new people so when Three Mobile invited me along to a night of Flamenco dancing and Tapas to celebrate the launch of Three Mobile’s Feel at Home service in Spain, it was an instant yes from me and I took my friend and photographer Gerrod Charles along with me.

We started off the #ComeDanceWithThree evening at Clean Break Studios in London’s Kentish Town. I’d been to a few Flamenco dance events before but very much as a spectator so this was my first experience of a Flamenco dance class. I have to admit, as I stood in the studio, facing myself in the mirror with the very talented Flamenco dance teacher in front of me, I did feel a little daunted. I had to confess to not being the most co-ordinated of people which I’m sure didn’t go unnoticed by the group of lovely people filming us on Three’s iPhone 6s

Our amazing Flamenco teacher ran us through the basic footwork and arm movements (I was fine until we had to combine the two) as the guitarist strummed away on the Spanish acoustic Guitar. As we learnt more and more steps, our teacher pulled it all together into a routine which I actually managed to get the hang of it and it was a lot of fun when it all came together. I think we definitely burnt a few calories with all the clapping, heel tapping and stomping as we danced from one side of the room to the other. 

We continued to practice and then came the scary part; we spilt into two groups to perform the routine, whilst the other group picked up an iPhone 6 and filmed away, but I needn’t have worried as I got carried away in the fun of it all and the shouts of ‘¡Olé! I also enjoyed playing around with the iPhone 6 when it was my turn to be dance director with the phone and the Slow Mo and Time Lapse features were very fun! (I actually can’t wait to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 6 so it was great to be able to play around with one). The fun didn’t stop there though as we’d all worked up an appetite with the Flamenco dancing so we headed down to Bar Gansa in Camden for some delicious Tapas. 

I used to go to Bar Gansa a lot as a student so it was lovely to head back and the tapas was even better than I remembered. There was free flowing Sangria, soft drinks and such gorgeous Tapas! I loved the baked Aubergine with cheese, tomato and peppers and the salt cod croquettes! Yum! The seafood platter paella was one of the best I’ve tried and I don’t think anybody headed home hungry. We found out that Bar Ganza have live Flamenco every Sunday and Monday night and I’d definitely love to head down there for some Tapas and Flamenco on a Sunday night as I can’t think of a better way to banish away those pre-Monday blues.

All in all it was a brilliant evening, full of fun and I met so many lovely people!

What is Three’s ‘Feel At Home’?

Before the event I wasn’t that familiar with Three’s ‘Feel At Home’ service so I was pretty amazed when I found out it enables Three Mobile customers to use their phone abroad in countries such as Australia, United States, France, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Italy at no extra cost!

You just use your existing data allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more, as long as you’re in one of the Feel at Home destinations! I’ve been stung by huge bills from using my phone abroad in the past so I definitely thought this was an amazing service. Three Feel at Home is designed for UK citizens who are away on holiday or business trips and I think it would be a great service for bloggers on the go. 

Some restrictions do apply as it’s not designed for extended periods abroad. If you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete month, and this happens three times within a year, Three may have to suspend international roaming on your account, which would mean you wouldn’t be able to use your phone or device abroad anymore, but don’t worry they will let you know if this is going to happen. If you spend a full month abroad but some of that time is spent in a destination that isn’t included in Feel At Home, the restriction won’t apply.

My phone will be due for an upgrade in the Summer so I’ll definitely be looking into Three and an iPhone 6 as I’d love to have better phone access abroad, although Gerrod thinks I just want to continue my Instagram addiction abroad…..there may well be some truth in that.

For more details of Feel At Home with Three Mobile, check out their website.


*All photos were taken on the iPhone 6

**Although it was a complimentary evening provided by Three Mobile, all opinions are very much my own


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