Review: Canon EOS 600D for blogging


Let me introduce you to my new super duper Camera!! I finally took the plunge & have made the shift up to DSLR with a Canon EOS 600D. I’ve been saving up for this for a while & having sold my Fuji Finepix bridging camera I had been reliant on my iPhone 5 for a good while. There are some good deals out there in the run up to Christmas & Canon are also doing a £30 cash back offer. 

I decided on the Canon 600D after doing quite a bit of reasearch & talking to other bloggers. The deciding factor for me was the flip out screen as I’d like to feature more make up looks & swatches on my blog & with that in mind I also purchased the Canon camera remote control which will really help when taking self portraits. 

There is a lot I have to learn about the 600D so if you have any tips & hints on how to get the best shots, I’d love to hear from you. 


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