One of my favourite things to do when I have some chill out time, is to curl up with a cup of chocolate Horlicks (I know, I’m so rock & roll!) and catch up with Blogosphere magazine. I’ve been reading the magazine since it first launched a few years ago;  it’s just cover to cover of blogging inspiration. Since reading the very first issue, one of my top blogging goals has been to one day work with Blogosphere and be in the magazine and it goes to show that sometimes blogging dreams can become reality.

A while ago in May, an email from Blogosphere magazine landed in my inbox, inviting me to a morning at the Lush Beauty School at their flagship store in London’s Oxford Street. I was so excited and instantly accepted the invite. 

So one sunny Saturday morning in May, a bunch of us bloggers including Blogosphere’s Beauty Editor gathered outside the Lush store, all eager and excited about the fun morning ahead. We started off the morning with a tour of all three floors of the store which was amazing! The store really is huge, so if you’re a Lush fan and are ever around Oxford Street, I really recommend checking out the flagship store.

I wasn’t aware that Lush have their own fragrance range, so it was interesting to wander around the  themed and interactive fragrance rooms and find out more about the different fragrance ranges, how the oils are ethically sourced and support community projects.

My favourite part of the tour was getting to explore the Lush Spa. I loved all the little touches of detail which makes the space so calming. 

The treatment rooms made us all feel relaxed while just walking around and for me, it brought back memories of my tailor made Lush massage at the Kings Road Lush Spa and store. I think I may treat myself to another massage when I get back from my holiday to Portugal. The spa at Lush Oxford Street also has a double treatment room suitable for couples and friends, perfect for treating yourself or that special someone.

After the spa, we got to wander round exploring the products such as hair care, massage bars, fresh face masks and of course the bath bombs! I think we were all compiling mental shopping lists of the Lush goodies we couldn’t leave the store without.

After the tour it was time to head to our private party space on the second floor. We got to test out a range of Lush skincare products including cleansers, exfoliators, masks and moisturisers on our hands and I couldn’t believe how smooth my soft my hands were left.

We were joined by Blogosphere’s Editor -in-Chief Alice Audley and with the pampering over it was time to get on with making our own fresh face mask. We all worked together, taking it in turn to add ingredients into a giant mixing bowl and mixing it all together with our own hands. I had the role of adding in the talc and then a few of use kneaded the mix making sure to squish the Blueberries as best we could, which was pretty fun!

Our mask was then packaged up for us to take home, while we busied ourselves trying out some of Lush’s makeup, a lot of which was exclusive to the flagship store.

It was lovely to be involved in the Lush Beauty School event with Blogosphere magazine. We got to spend the morning meeting other beauty and lifestyle bloggers as well as some of the Blogosphere team, chatting away about all things blogging and beauty as well as having an exclusive morning with Lush. Such a great way to spend a Saturday morning.



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