Birthday Resolutions

Having birthday resolutions was something that became a tradition with my friend Shalina. As soon after our birthday as possible, we would write about four or five goals we wanted to achieve within the coming year. It’s something that I really wanted to do again after my recent birthday but instead of having just a few things to accomplish, I thought I would have a mix of goals and just general life reminders for the year, so here’s my list….

  1. Be positive 
  2. Focus on my health and wellbeing 
  3. Eat well – nourishing, healthy food
  4. Improve my fitness – make exercise a part of my routine and enjoy it
  5. Be able to run 10K
  6. Buy a bicycle and cycle
  7. Learn to swim – this year I really want to make this happen
  8. Be more body confident
  9. Get involved more & engage with others – try new things and enjoy life
  10. Do more of the things I love including blogging
  11. Spend more time with friends 
  12. Travel – see more of the world and travel to new destinations 
  13. Learn new creative skills 
  14. Spend less and save more

Do you make birthday resolutions?



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