When it comes to beauty, I’m always on the lookout for tips and recommendations from those whose opinions I really trust and value, whether it be my favourite beauty and skincare bloggers and pros to my friends and their tried and tested experience of products.

This bargain, but pretty amazing sheer powder offering from Collection has been around a good while now I know, but it was only added to my makeup collection quite recently after my lovely makeup loving friend Has, pulled it out of her handbag and was raving about it. Her makeup artist friend Aneela, swears by this sheer powder, having used it on her clients and states it’s just as good as the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder, which is 10 times the price! I have to say I haven’t yet tried the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, so I can’t do a proper comparison myself. However having tried the Collection Sheer powder, I can honestly say that it does the job perfectly, it ticks all the boxes and I don’t feel for one moment that I’m missing out on quality by having chosen the drugstore option over a high-end offering.

I apply the sheer powder lightly after foundation and concealer and I find it then gives blush extra staying power. As the powder is sheer, it’s suitable for all skin tones, big tick there! I only use a little; tapping some powder into the lid and applying it lightly over the face with my Zoeva powder brush. There is a sponge that comes with the powder, but it’s a bit scratchy and I’m not going for a matt look so I never really use the sponge. The overall finish I find is smooth, not overly matt at all which I like; shine is reduced, the skin just looks natural, even and soft and pores are minimised perfectly with no settling of the powder in any fine lines, what’s not to love!



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