I’ve been keen to try out Primark’s new range of oval-shaped makeup blending brushes from PS…Pro for months now, but I hadn’t been able to track them down, until that was my local store had a major make over and the stock range took a huge turn for the better.

Prices start at just £2.50 for the small brush and go up to £4 for the large which is the one I picked up. Many have compared these oval brushes to the Artis brushes which I have to admit I haven’t yet tried as I just couldn’t justify the price. The PS…Pro brushes however come in at less than a tenth of the cost of Artis brushes which makes them a very attractive alternative.

These oval brushes are very versatile which I love, as you can use them for applying liquid or powder foundation as well for blending in blush and highlighters which is mainly what I use my oval blending brush for. I have to say I’ve been really impressed with this brush offering from Primark, the brush is smooth and soft, while firm at the same time. My blush and highlighter is blended perfectly leaving a really natural glow look which I love and had a number of compliments on and the secret is this bargain blending brush from Primark, who would have thought it!



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