#aSweetNightOut – Pop-up Restaurant

As I mentioned in my #Life Lately post, I recently went along with friends to #aSweetNightOut, a pop up restaurant night at The Kitchen Table in Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London. The pop up restaurant is the creation of Sean and Megan Chambers and I had such a wonderful evening filled with the most delicious food and great company! 

The menu consisted of:

House made sourdough, ricotta, salsa verde and black olive wafers


Fourways with Beetroot, yoghurt,  malted rye, Pedro Ximenez


Butter poached plaice, barley miso, white sesame, Bonito emulsion


Peach parfait, macerated strawberries, lemon balm, Cognac ice cream


House made lemon, mint and hazelnut truffles

I love trying new foods and restaurants so I really enjoyed my first pop-up restaurant experience. The food was quite honestly amazingly delicious and the best meal and dining experience I’ve had this year. The effort and attention to detail put into the menu and presentation of the food was quite astounding. 

Vegetarian main course 

The sourdough was by far the best I have eaten, it would go so well on it’s own with just a bit of smoked salmon. The seeded crust gave it an extra depth and it was difficult not to spoil my appetite by eating lots of sourdough bread. Something quite unique were the delicious black olive wafers which went so well with the ricotta and salsa verde and definitely something I’d love to eat lots more of again. The starter of four ways with Beetroot was a very interesting and flavoursome dish full of different tastes and textures which inspired me to be more adventurous with Beetroot in my own cooking.

The main course of Plaice was cooked perfectly, with the fish melting deliciously and going so well with the barley miso and white sesame. I thought the main course was a very good balance of a 

substantial portion without being too heavy. 

I have to confess to having a very sweet tooth despite being a diabetic and dessert was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for Summer and it left us all wanting more! The compressed lemon balm really bought the flavours of the dish together and gave a refreshing edge to the sweetness.

We were spoilt further at the end of the meal by luxurious chocolate truffles hand made by Megan. I would have gladly taken lots more home with me and I’m feeling hungry just writing this post.

Sean is my good friend’s Brother and a super talented Chef.  He has been cooking for the last 16 years  all over the World in countries such as Belgium, France, Holland, Austrailia and the UK, working at Michelin starred restaurants with Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey at Claridges, Jason Atherton, the Roux Brothers  and Peter Doyle at Sydney’s Est restaurant, arguably Sydney’s best. 

Sean started running his own place; Videre and Vie on the Australian Gold Coast, which won the 2013 Gold Coast’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant and Best Hotel Restaurant award. 

Sean and Megan started up the #aSweetNightOut – pop-up restaurant in West Hampstead to have fun and provide the people of West Hampstead and further with a new and refreshing dining experience, the likes of which  hasn’t been available  in the area before. 

The very talented Husband and Wife team; Sean and Megan Chambers

#aSweetNightOut is £30 inclusive of all courses and you can bring your own alcohol. The next pop up night is on 26 June at The Kitchen Table. To book you can contact Sean through the The Kitchen Table or on Facebook or Twitter.


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