An Evening With Next Lingerie*

Last week I was invited along to The Perfect Bra Lingerie event at Next in Bluewater. It was a fun evening filled with cupcakes, massage treatments and of course all things bra related as Next Lingerie Buyer Keely Smith gave us an insight into the importance of wearing the right bra!

I have to admit I hadn’t realised just how extensive Next’s Lingerie range was before the event. There were so many gorgeous styles to choose from and I loved the space the Lingerie collection was in. There was a separate section of the store dedicated to Lingerie, which was well organised with comfy sofas and right next to the changing rooms for extra convenience. I was also surprised to also find out that Next offer a bra fitting service, more on that in a little bit.

I have to confess I can’t recall the last time I had a proper bra fitting. It’s always been on my to do list, but a combination of feeling a little shy and little intimidated by it all meant it was never something which got crossed off my list sadly. 

At the event I sat and listened to Keely explain just why it’s so important to have the right sized bra which gives you the perfect support and with the help of a lovely model they showed us how you can tell if you’re wearing the right bra. We were surprised to learn for instance that the bra band shouldn’t sit too high on your back and should be situated more near your waist to give you the best support. We also learnt that approx 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra size and it really made me realise just how much I was in need of a proper bra fitting.

Next’s bra fitting service is a free service offered in over 50 stores in the UK. The fitting method is quite revolutionary as it’s a ‘no tape measure’ approach. Everyone was so friendly and very much on a quest to ensure we’re wearing the right size bra, that I very quickly felt comfortable and at ease. It was no way near as scary as I’d thought for all this time. I mentioned the bra size I was currently wearing and instantly was told it was far too big in band size and given some alternative sizes to try on and wow I could feel the difference instantly! I felt so much more supported and secure and my posture improved in front of my eyes. In the end I went down a band size and up a cup size so quite a difference and quite a result. Just goes to show I was quite a way off the mark! They recommend that you get fitted every six months at least and I have to say I’m a definite convert now!

Following the fitting we were gifted with our choice of Lingerie from the collection and I chose the two bras above as I really needed a good black bra and I also liked the floral design.

Each style of bra in the collection has a particular name and I was recommended the ‘Emily’ range which is more plunge and push up in style. I liked that the style gave me the right lift but I didn’t feel as if was falling out of the bra.

I was really impressed with the whole service and the Lingerie I came away with and would fully recommend Next for their level of service and their range which contains something for everyone.

The Spring Lingerie collections are very sophisticated and come in romantic shades of red and black with hints of yellows, floral patterns and subtle satins. The Edelweiss collection highlights luxe fabrics with a simple palette of beautiful colours; soft taupe to powder blue and sunshine yellow with bright white lace.

Next Lingerie have collaborated with Coppafeela breast cancer charity whose amazing campaign encourages you to check your boobs and reminds you to do so regularly using shower stickers and other little aids. Next bras will contain a little Coppafeel message on the bra label to act as an important daily reminder for you.

*PR event and samples but opinions are very much my own

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  1. Unknown
    February 13, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    I loved this much about I have been looking for..exactly d right size bra in London. You rocked it.

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