Whoop whoop! There’s an outfit post on the blog!! It’s been a while hasn’t it, but it feels so good to be chatting about clothes on here again and I enjoyed shooting this look, a lot more than I thought I would. The lack of outfit posts hasn’t really been down to any one particular thing, more a combination of a few different things which left me feeling a lot less confident when it came to fashion/outfits/taking photos of myself. My anxiety has been tricky at times and I just didn’t feel as comfortable as I should in front of the camera. That being said, I still feel joy from wearing clothes that express my personality and I missed that being a part of the blog. So I took my camera out into the garden, started to play around with this look and I didn’t think the end result was as scary as I’d imagined and well here we are.

Love a bit of Monki

I love the relaxed oversized fit of this dress and it was ideal for the recent heatwave when I couldn’t be doing with restrictive waistbands. When it’s hot, hot, hot, I don’t want anything too clingy or tight, I just want to be cool and comfortable. I mean if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t even bother with a bra………hmmm TMI perhaps. Anyways, I first saw this dress in Monki while in Berlin. I loved the pink and green combination but unfortunately they didn’t have it in my size. The dress quickly sold out online but you may be able to find some in store as I found this one very recently. Monki also currently have dresses available in the same style and fit but in different patterns so it’s worth having a look.

The perfect summer accessory

As you’ve gathered, I can’t resist a good leaf print and I love a good Monstera print, even more since I got a Monstera plant of my own (he’s affectionately known as Monty in my house, yep that’s right sometimes I name my plants, it’s a thing). This Monstera pattern pouch from Elizabeth Scarlett is perfect. Great for using as a clutch but roomy enough to fit in all the essentials. Plus it’s versatile, I know some people take it on holiday, doubling it up as make-up bag and clutch! The design is inspired by the luscious, abundant jungles of Bali and was designed to encourage wanderlust and adventure (which it’s very good at). The gold and green Monstera leaves have been hand embroidered onto a soft canvas fabric and the gold zip is embossed with a Lotus flower, the flower which is said to symbolise peace and purity.

It’s all about the oversized sunnies

I have a weakness for oversized sunglasses, (which is just as well given my head is a bit on the small side) and these Jackie Ohh sunglasses from Ray Ban are my absolute favourites. They make me feel glam the moment I put them on, a little like I’m Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. What I also love is that these glasses hide a multitude of  things, I don’t have to worry about eye make-up or if my eyes are puffy although I do have to make sure I don’t get that big Panda eye tan lines look. Yep, I’ve shown off that look before.

Monki Oversized Shirt Dress| £25 | similar here

Elizabeth Scarlett Jungle Leaf Pouch | £20 | link

Accessorize Rose Gold Bracelet | £17 | similar here

Ray Ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses | £125 | link

Cluse Watch | £79| link



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