If you saw my last post, you’ll have seen me say this year I’m not subscribing to the ‘New Year, new me’ mantra and why. I’m continuing as I mean to go on by just being the same me and here’s the proof, as my love of black clothing continues to stay. I was catching up with a lot of podcasts over the festive break and heard Nigella Lawson on Is It Just Me? Among other things she mentioned black clothes are her wardrobe staples as they go with everything, but sometimes in the morning when you’re in a rush, locating that one black item that you’re after in your wardrobe can be a nightmare, as it turns into one mass of black. That sums it up for me too especially during the winter months when a) I wear black the most and b) it’s pretty dark in the mornings.

A black outfit can make a powerful impact or be reflective of an important statement as was the case just this week at the Golden Globes where wearing black was a symbolic show of solidarity with victims of sexual harassment as part of the Time’s Up movement.My friend Ade may despair at this post as she’s always encouraging me to wear more colour. There came a moment when we were on holiday in Lisbon and as she unpacked her suitcase and hung up her clothes I was struck by how much colour there was. I remember mentioning it to her as my wardrobe looked very monochrome. Since then encouraged me even more to embrace colour and she’ll be pleased that I’m wearing my mint green Boden coat over the black today. That’s pretty much my go to style. Black with pops of colour or a little twist.

This outfit has become a recent favourite, for the above reasons yes, but because I’d been wanting to add a leather pencil skirt to my wardrobe for a really long time (or faux leather as is the case). I just always convinced myself that it wouldn’t be very flattering on me and maybe this type of skirt isn’t for my body shape. However in a moment of feeling braver and bolder I ordered this skirt from Matalan and I love it! I can’t help but feel more bad ass in it! The jumper was a great find from Tu Clothing’s premium range and I like that it looks like a classic crew neck jumper from the front and then your see the bow back detail and contrast.Let’s talk about the shoes for a second. I know, I know a big contrast to the black with the bright pink, but I love the pop of colour, not to mention they were a dream find. I spotted them in New Look in the sale. I can walk in them and they were the only pair left in a size 3, it was a sign! Then when I took them to the till there was an extra 20% and they were only £6! Joy! Although they’re pretty bright, they are more versatile then I thought, I can pop them on with a pair of jeans and be date night ready and they make me very happy every time I wear them.The last twist of the outfit are the mismatch earrings which I got from Zara about a year ago.  I have real weakness for statement earrings, as I like something a little different which these are and they’re lighter than they look, which is another plus. I’m not sure if mismatch earrings are still a thing, I know tassel earrings continue to be big, but I don’t mind as I love wearing them. It’s all about the joy factor!

Jumper: TU Clothing (similar in the link above), Skirt: Matalan, Bag: H&M, Shoes: New Look, Earrings: Zara (old)

Photos by JKG Photography


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