Ibiza Zen

So you may have seen from my Instagram pictures and Tweets that a little while ago I headed off to a Yoga retreat in gorgeous Ibiza. It was a much needed holiday and I had such an amazing time in Ibiza, I’m really still a bit sad it’s all over. I’d wanted to go to Ibiza for years, so when my good friend Sarah told me about a yoga retreat in Ibiza which her and her friends were running, I thought why not give it a go and I’m so glad I did!

It’s funny, whenever I mentioned to anyone I was heading off to Ibiza, I was greeted with a quizzical, raised eyebrow look which became even more quizzical when I’d follow up by saying I wasn’t going to Ibiza to party but instead was heading to a Yoga and Vegan Food Retreat (more on that very soon), but that is exactly what I did and it was a wonderful experience. It was so good to escape London for a little while and get a lot of Sunshine, sand and yoga.

Ibiza is such a beautiful island, it’s so much more than just a party island. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful beaches with the most gorgeous clear blue waters. I loved beach hopping from Babylon Beach by our amazing yoga retreat villa, to Amante in Cala Illonga and to Aguas Blancas which is famous for it’s healing and nourishing natural mud. I’m not one for beach holidays, usually I always like to be busy and explore as much as possible, but for the first time in my life I decided to have a relaxing holiday, to kick back, soak up the sun and catch up with my reading, it really was exactly what I needed & I’m very much a beach holiday convert now!

It rained the first time I hit the beach in Ibiza, that’s just typical for me, but soon the clouds & rain parted & it was gloriously sunny! You can see how sunny it was & just how quickly I tanned, it was so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on me. It wasn’t all lying on a beach & yoga though, as I also explored the Old Town in Ibiza. I loved wandering through the little old back streets around the Dalt Vila fortress. There are some lovely shops to explore around the Old Town & Marina & I found a gorgeous mint green Kaftan for the beach, for me the perfect souvenir from Ibiza.

There were so many lovely moments during my time in Ibiza, some even a little magical such as the sunrise mediation on the beach, I really wish I could start every day like that. Ibiza is definitely somewhere I would love to return to & I’m already keeping up with the yoga in preparation for next year’s retreat!


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