Happy New Year lovelies!! So it’s 2018 & yes my 1st post of the year is about  ‘fresh starts’. Consider that cliché box ticked, but give me a second to explain….

This year I’m not subscribing to the ‘New Year, new me!’ mantra. There’s nothing wrong if you are, but from my own experiences, sometimes I think that thought  can risk becoming something negative. It can add a pressure to reinvent yourself into something you’re not or be practically perfect in every way. That may not be sustainable & in turn can cause disappointments or setbacks.

I’ve got to a point in life where I think I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been with being me and I want to continue with that. This year I’m not setting new year resolutions which will become distant memories by the time February rolls round if not before. Sure there are things I’d love to change for example being more in control of my anxiety or having better control of my blood sugars & diabetes but I acknowledge these require an ongoing commitment and it may take a while to see things improve so I shouldn’t let the lack of a quick win derail me.There was a moment in 2017 that brought about a major wake up call for me. It sadly brought home how serious diabetes can be and how short life can be and for a few days I had a bit of a wobble as I processed it all. But really that’s the nature of life for all of us, there are no guarantees and all we can do is treat others and ourselves with love and kindness and live the best life we can and that’s my goal for 2018. I know from conversations with friends that some can find the whole ‘live your best life’ thing charged with pressure to be ‘Girl Bossing’ it, or swimming with dolphins or going on an epic adventure everyday and I can understand that. For me, living my best life is one where I look after my physical and mental wellbeing to lead a life that’s full, happy and healthy. My health and importantly getting my diabetes in the best shape it can be is at the forefront of my mind. Health is wealth as my Dad always says and today, on the day I finally received the Insulin Pump after more than a decade long journey, I really appreciate the value of what my Dad has been saying all these years. After my pump appointment earlier, I’ve been feeling so happy and motivated to improve my health. I can’t get over that eureka moment that good health makes anything possible.

I know over this coming year there will be good days and bad but that’s the thing, if we hit a rough patch we don’t have to wait for the new year, a new month or a new week to reset; each day can be a fresh start, a chance to start over and experience joy & happiness. That was an important learning for me in 2017, a year that was bumpy with anxiety. Today definitely feels like a fresh start to me.

To keep me going with my goal, I found myself jotting down some areas I want to focus on in my Bullet Journal on New Year’s Day (yes I’ve jumped on the Bullet Journal band wagon, but more on that another day). The number one thing is my health of course, and from this has stemed a focus on fitness (this year I’m hoping to complete a 10K run to raise money for Diabetes UK), self-care which includes doing the things that I love such as blogging, travel, learning new things and making memories with my family & being kinder to myself. It’s all part of being as healthy as I can inside & out which can only be a good thing.

2018, let’s do this!!

Do you have any goals for 2018?



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