I’ve been tightening my purse strings of late after a little life evaluation. I’m saving for my very first car and a house deposit, yep things are getting serious around here. So while I’ve been carefully looking at what I do and don’t need to spend money on, I’m gonna be honest, I love all things beauty, there is no denying that. I get joy from makeup and trying new products (there you go, it’s met the KonMari criteria). So it would be unrealistic for me to impose a total spending ban on beauty products, I would inevitably feel guilty when I succumb to a little beauty purchase here and there and that’s not what I want. I have been making changes though and thinking a lot harder about the products I spend my money on, there’s even a beauty budget in place now to keep me in check. Exciting stuff I know, but it’s gotta be done.

So long story short, I have a beauty budget in place now and this Bank Holiday I decided to indulge in a little budget beauty haul (in keeping with my budget) with purchases from Essence (there’ll be a post on that soon) and Primark Beauty with these PS Pure Glow Highlighters. I’m going to be honest, I spotted these highlighters the other week while in Primark and not having any samples available for swatching, I dismissed them, as I thought the quality may not be all that and they would leave big chunks of glitter on the face which just isn’t for me. However, I then saw a review by Jane on British Beauty Blogger which made me reconsider and boy was Jane spot on.

My local Primark had the Rose Prosecco and Champagne shades only so I’m not sure if there are more shade offerings. Rose Prosecco seems to be popular as it’d almost sold out. A deciding factor in my purchasing these was that I accidentally dropped the Rose Prosecco highlighter and it literally hopped along the floor of the store until a kind shopper intervened and handed it back to me. Now I was fully expecting a highlighter powdery mess but not at all, it was perfectly in tact with no crumbling in sight….phew! This could be due to the formula which isn’t powdery at all and contains the right balance of oils to keep it together and glide smoothly onto skin! I was impressed!

Once I got the highlighters home, I did an immediate swatch (of course) and I couldn’t believe that these are only £3 a pop! The texture, the way they glided on and the finish achieved were just as good as more high end highlighters in my collection, some of which are at least 10 times the price! Rose Prosecco is so pretty and perfect for layering over blush and Champagne will look gorgeous when showing off sun kissed skin!!

If you’re on the look out for a new highlighter or you want to have a little play around with different highlighting effects, I very much recommend giving these a go.



All views and opinions are based on my own experiences. All products are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.


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