Hair by Sam McKnight has been one of the most hotly anticipated hair product collections for an incredibly long time. Why the hype? Well it’s all down to Sam McKnight’s impressive hairstyling experience; he’s styled the hair of every famous model in the industry and nearly every celebrity of note in the UK and US. Sam has styled the hair of Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, Cate Blanchett, Kate Moss and apparently Karl Lagerfeld has him on speed dial, as he’s the only one he trusts to do the hair for all of his shows and ad campaigns.

With over 40 years worth of experience of all things hair-styling, it’s not surprising that Sam McKnight knows a thing or two about hair products. He’s watched products evolve in that time and tried version upon version of every type of style products out there (he’d been using dry shampoos way before it became a trend). Sam knows what works, and what doesn’t and he’s put that knowledge into this first line of hair products, which the Scottish hair icon has funded entirely himself.

It’s basically a professional line [of hair products] for consumers. Everything is tailor-made for what I do. They’re lightweight so I can keep reapplying them and they still brush out. They allow me to do 10 different looks in a shoot or for a show but they’re also what I think will make it easier for women to do their own hair.” – Sam McKnight

Sam debuted two of his hair products at Milan fashion week earlier in the year and caused quite a stir, everyone wanted to get their hands on the hair products. The range of four products were launched at Liberty of London last week and rumour has it that a bigger launch is planned for later in the year, where the products will be launched on an international level. I can but dream of getting Sam McKnight to work his magic on my hair, but with the release of his hair styling line, it’s now possible for us non-celebs to have some of that Sam McKnight magic too.

As mentioned, the Hair by Sam McKnight range consists of four styling products which all quite literally do what it says on the tin: Easy Up Do, Cool Girl – texturising spray, Modern Hairspray and Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, which is the product I opted for. Lazy Girl is more than just a dry shampoo. The formula is an ultra-light powder mist which gives longlasting freshness between washes for when I don’t want to be washing and styling my hair everyday and well quite honestly when I’m having one of those lazy days. What I love about this dry shampoo is that it doesn’t make my hair all matt  or stuck together, it just leaves my hair light and fresh smelling with incredible volume and hold. No more flat hair days for me and it also looks lovely on my dressing table.

 “Lazy Girl is my ultimate dry-shampoo and styling product in its own right. Perfect for those lazy days in between washes but it also gives you volume and hold.” – Sam McKnight

I know my sun hat is covering some of my hair in this photo but hopefully you can see that my hair is looking fuller thanks to the Lazy Girl spray. It’s been a great product for this heat too, when my hair has been sticking to my sweaty head and I desperately need to freshen it up (yeah I know’s that quite a sexy image to leave you with, isn’t it, lol!)

Have you tired the Hair by Sam McKnight range? Which is your favourite product?


*This is not a sponsored post. All products have been purchased by myself and all opinions are based on my own experiences.


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