Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I wish you all an amazing 2016 full of love, happiness and good health. 

I’m feeling really excited about 2016 and all the possibilities it brings. This year I’m not going to be making resolutions because as cheesy as it may sound, my goal for the year is just to be happy and healthy. I really want the focus to be on positivity which will help me achieve the changes I want to make over the coming year to reach my goal and make it a sustainable reality. I know it’s not going to always be a smooth journey, it’s going to involve a lot of hard work and determination, that I’m sure of, but I feel excited about it all. The last few years have really taught me that life is full of unexpected events, people come and go and there can be some really tough times but with some positivity and being open, the most amazing surprises can happen too! 

I want to say thank you for all your support in 2015. Every little comment and like means the world  to me, and doesn’t go unnoticed so thank you.

I really want to make 2016 a year full of laughter, love and good health, with some amazing adventures thrown in along the way so here’s to 2016…..let’s do this!



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