London Fashion Weekend

Over the weekend myself and some of my lovely friends headed down to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House in London for an afternoon of fun, fashion and of course shopping!! This was my fourth London Fashion Weekend event and the second time I’ve been to the catwalk show which I have to say is one of my favourite parts. This time unlike before I was quite restrained and didn’t spend a lot of money all. I of course picked up a copy of Elle magazine and some Label M shampoo and conditioner which I was really keen to get my hands on and I’ll be doing a review on that soon.

One of my other highlights of Fashion Weekend was discovering a simple but beautiful hair up of which just requires an Alice band which you tuck your hair into and within in a few minutes you have beautiful results. I’m definitely going to be experimenting with this look.

I really enjoyed the Trend catwalk show as it was really fun to see the highlights of the up and coming trends, such as Pink, Back to Nature which featured a lot of khaki and feathers and Victoriana which was my favourite of the trends.

I did enjoy Fashion Weekend but because it was such a popular event it was difficult to have a proper look at all the stalls and there was just not enough space to manoeuvre as the rooms in Somerset House are quite small, but it was still a fun day.

So simple but lovely up do!

Here’s me showing of my Cherrie in the Snow nails and lips with the hair band! 


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